September 2010 marked the first official step of Rain Nutrition in reaching its pioneer consumers in Malaysia. This phenomenal products has been proven of its quality and benefits. Innovative company complemented with attractive compensation plan.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

    Rain Nutrition LLC is a innovative company that launched in November 2009 based in Utah, United States. Rain Soul is the flagship product and Rain Pure is the complement product to Soul. They work well together. So far in Malaysia, only these two products being heavily marketed in Malaysia even though the total product line of 7 is available at least for small demand in Malaysia. The reason is for the potential consumer to try and experience the two pioneer products of Soul and Pure before expanding to other quality products.

    September 2010 marked the first official step of Rain Nutrition in reaching its customers in Malaysia. As it is already influenced by international participation especially from neighbouring countries like Singapore and Indonesia, it is only a matter of time for this phenomenal products to get into hands of anxious Malaysian. Fortunately, Malaysia participation has been recognized with MoU signing between Rain Nutrition Asia and Malaysia representative, Mr Junip Huzayin as Malaysia sole representative to pioneer this venture in Malaysia.

   Slow but steadily, our team has gain precious mileage in promoting Rain product. Even though the growth rate is at beginning stage, we constantly pick up higher momentum when our potential consumer has experienced the product. We do not rely on testimonials from US or other countries even though there are enormous testimonials from satisfied users. It is always our approach to let our products do the talk. The self testimonial from satisfied user is more precious than ever.

1. Dr. Arnold S. Leonard
The foundation for Rain Nutrition is based upon over 50 years of dedicated service and nearly 2 decades of clinical studies
by renowned and highly acclaimed Dr. Arnold S. Leonard. Dr. Leonard is an MD/PhD, and former head of the pediatric and thyroid cancer research and surgery department at the University of Minnesota, and who is currently thefounder and chairman of the Arthur S. Leonard (ASL) Cancer Research Fund, and most recently, out of all the doctors in the United States, was appointed to the Congressional Health Care Committee for his outstanding research and study on preventive health and will be speaking at their upcoming meeting.

2. Scientific and clinical research spanning more than 15 years backing the product.
  All the journals and articles by the search of 'Arthur S. Leonard' and patent on cold press process for production provide the SCIENTIFIC facts and proof on the Rain product.

3. Sound financial backing and proven leadership.
  Experienced and innovative top management has kick started the Rain phenomena at the right path. Even proven on its branding by award of best packaging from I.D Magazine Annual Review
Bill of Rights for all the distributor interest. The compensation plan is so good that Rain have to patent the plan because of its intellectual value.

4. Rapidly expanding market
FIRST year achievement:- Rated as Top 20 Opportunities 2010 by Business For Home

5.Don't miss the bus, NOW is the Time!
With less than few thousands of distributors and a whole lot more users worldwide, you are considered as pioneer in the company especially in Malaysia. You will be starting at the top of the local structure and steer the tremendous growth along with other great Malaysian distributors.


  1. I went through the website and video presentation..I found it very interesting and highly potential..But my concern is the planning in Malaysia..May I know what is the short and long term plan for Malaysia?

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